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Zentryo Root Lift SprayZentryo Root Lift Spray
Zentryo Root Lift Spray Sale priceHK$238.00
BluMaan MONARCH Matte Paste 極輕身高層次髮泥BluMaan MONARCH Matte Paste 極輕身高層次髮泥
N.B.A.A. UP STYLING SP Hard Hairspray 特硬定型噴霧
BluMaan Original Styling Meraki 防熱打底造型兩用髮蠟BluMaan Original Styling Meraki 防熱打底造型兩用髮蠟
CAELUS | SWAG HAIR X The Prestige Hair ClayCAELUS | SWAG HAIR X The Prestige Hair Clay
Zentryo Robust Hair Clay
Zentryo Robust Hair Clay Sale priceHK$205.00
Davines EXTRA Strong Hairspray
The Prestige Hair Clay 高定力啞光髮泥 | 多種天然成分The Prestige Hair Clay 高定力啞光髮泥 | 多種天然成分
The Prestige All Natural Water-Based PomadeThe Prestige All Natural Water-Based Pomade
BluMaan Ascend Volume CreamBluMaan Ascend Volume Cream
ORIEN'T & Co. Clay Pomade 15ml/65ml/100mlORIEN'T & Co. Clay Pomade 15ml/65ml/100ml
Sold outMorris Motley New MATTE STYLING BALMMorris Motley New MATTE STYLING BALM
BluMaan CAVALIER Heavy ClayBluMaan CAVALIER Heavy Clay
BluMaan The Fifth Sample Styling Mask PomadeBluMaan The Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade
Save $26.00BluMaan All-in-one Bundle [HOLD + VOLUME + TEXTURE]BluMaan All-in-one Bundle [HOLD + VOLUME + TEXTURE]
BluMaan All-in-one Bundle [HOLD + VOLUME + TEXTURE] Sale priceHK$420.00 Regular priceHK$446.00
Davines OI Oil (50/135ml)
Davines OI Oil (50/135ml) Sale priceFrom HK$225.00
BluMaan Discovery Styling KitBluMaan Discovery Styling Kit
Sold outDavines OI All in One Milk
Davines OI All in One Milk Sale priceFrom HK$140.00
Save $20.00Sports ComboSports Combo
Sports Combo Sale priceFrom HK$320.00 Regular priceHK$340.00
ORIEN'T Texture Clay
ORIEN'T Texture Clay Sale priceHK$220.00
Save $86.00【兩件8折超優惠裝】BluMaan MONARCH Matte Paste【兩件8折超優惠裝】BluMaan MONARCH Matte Paste
【兩件8折超優惠裝】BluMaan MONARCH Matte Paste Sale priceHK$330.00 Regular priceHK$416.00
N.B.A.A. UP STYLING Smoothie Gloss Hair WaxN.B.A.A. UP STYLING Smoothie Gloss Hair Wax
N.B.A.A. UP STYLING Glossy Spray [WET LOOK亮麗光澤噴霧]
On saleWet Look髮型教學優惠套裝 [入門&完整]Wet Look髮型教學優惠套裝 [入門&完整]
Wet Look髮型教學優惠套裝 [入門&完整] Sale priceFrom HK$338.40 Regular priceHK$423.00
On saleBTS Jin 韓式髮型優惠套裝bts hairstyle tutorial 2021 男士髮型 髮泥推介 免燙髮 韓系髮型
BTS Jin 韓式髮型優惠套裝 Sale priceFrom HK$1,112.00 Regular priceHK$1,236.00
On sale許光漢髮型優惠套裝許光漢髮型優惠套裝
許光漢髮型優惠套裝 Sale priceFrom HK$788.00 Regular priceHK$876.00
Davines This is a Shimmering Mist [Shine] 200ml
N.B.A.A. UP STYLING Hard Fit Gloss Hair WaxN.B.A.A. UP STYLING Hard Fit Gloss Hair Wax
BluMaan Coastal Texture Salt SprayBluMaan Coastal Texture Salt Spray
Sold outFIOLE Modalie Nuance Keep Spray
飛仔髮乳 Fadejai Strong Pomade
ORIEN'T Texture Paste 持韌髮蠟
ORIEN'T Texture Paste 持韌髮蠟 Sale priceFrom HK$165.00
GlamPalm Hair Essence Oil 抗熱護髮油GlamPalm Hair Essence Oil 抗熱護髮油
Save $55.00Promille Serum 保濕護髮精華乳Promille Serum 保濕護髮精華乳
Promille Serum 保濕護髮精華乳 Sale priceHK$150.00 Regular priceHK$205.00
Sold out飛仔髮乳 Fadejai Light Pomade
Sold out飛仔髮乳 Fadejai WAX Pomade
飛仔髮乳 Fadejai WAX Pomade Sale priceFrom HK$169.00
BluMaan HYBRID CREAM CLAY Sale priceHK$208.00
Save $64.00Hair Health SystemHair Health System
Hair Health System Sale priceHK$560.00 Regular priceHK$624.00