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Vision & Mission

Our vision is simple and achievable:
Make Everyone A Little Better Every Day

We hope that everyone feels enhanced every day from the inside out.

The concept of ‘good’ is subjective to everyone, but we know very well that as long as you personally feel ‘better’ of yourself, the world will become a more beautiful place for you. We strive to offer our staff, customers, and hair stylists more surprises with SWAG HAIR’s service, product, content and environment.

4 Missions

 1. Deliver 'YAY' 

We hope that everyone feels enhanced every day from the inside out by obtaining a "YAY" experience from SWAG HAIR! Life gets better when you realise how to do less and gain more. In here, you will be able to choose the right product and service, find the right hairstylist, solve your problems all through SWAG HAIR. Easier, Simpler, and Better! Yay!

2. Discover your style

Style is not innate. Through SWAG HAIR, you will find all sorts of content that assists your journey on finding your own style. If you love how you look, you will feel happier, quintessentially, better.

3. Enhance Professionalism

The knowledge of a professional hair stylist is no less than what the society expects lawyers, doctors and accountants to possess. Hair stylists deserve more attention and recognition and SWAG HAIR hopes to bring a broader acknowledgement upon their professionalism. With an improved skill set, we wish the development of hair stylists to be better

4. Create a Community

No matter you are a coworker, a customer, a hair stylist and a brand - everyone, we wish to bring together all stakeholders and create a community. Through interaction from within, we will influence each other, and help each other every day to be a little better