By Blumaan

BluMaan CAVALIER Heavy Clay



  • 營造極致層次,輕易打造富凌亂感造型

  • 超級硬、定力強,適用於粗糙、捲曲及粗頭髮

  • 含有機油,天然蛋白質和氨基酸去滋潤和強韌頭髮

  • 自然啞色色澤

  • 可以整天隨意變動造型

  • 有點難洗,需洗頭水洗走

  • 絕無動物測試


    Cavalier Heavy Clay | By BluMaan is a high-hold hair clay for thick hair. 

    Product Benefits:

    • Creates extreme texture for a messy and effortless look
    • High hold to tame and control coarse, wavy, and thick hair
    • Long-lasting so you won’t need to reapply during the day
    • Nourishes and strengthens your hair with organic oils, natural proteins and amino acids.
    • Achieve a natural matte finish
    • Stays re-styleable all day long
    • Created without animal testing


    Tutorial 使用教學

    Q&A 常見問題
    1. 為什麼我需要BluMaan Cavalier Clay髮泥?
      BluMaan Cavalier Clay 髮泥能帶出層次、像砂礫的感覺和定力。十分適合富凌亂感和輕鬆的造型。

    2. 這個產品適合我嗎?

    3. 這個跟髮蠟(即Original Styling Meraki)有什麼不同?Original Styling Meraki不是有高強定力的產品嗎?
      Cavalier Clay為普通及粗頭髮帶來更強的定力,也適用於粗糙或捲曲頭髮。它比Original Styling Meraki有更高定力,更多像砂礫的感覺,也可以弄出更多層次感。

    4. Cavalier Heavy Clay可以作打底(Pre-styling)用途嗎?
      正常來說是不可以。Cavalier Heavy Clay質感較重,而很多人會選用較輕的產品作打底用,所以這個選擇取決於你個人喜好。

    5. 它有什麼氣味?

    6. 它與其他髮泥有什麼分別?
      Cavalier Heavy Clay是一種傳統髮泥,質感是偏重身,而且含有機油和天然蛋白質去滋潤頭髮,防止頭髮乾旱。

    7. Cavalier Clay會像Original Styling Meraki那麼容易清洗嗎?
      它可能不像Original Styling Meraki那麼容易清洗,但用洗頭水也可以洗掉。


      1. Why do I need a hair clay?
        Clay provides texture, grittiness and hold. Great for that messy, relaxed look.

      2. Is this product right for me?
        This product works well for people with medium to coarse thick hair.

      3. How is it different from wax (i.e. Original Styling Meraki)? Isn’t Original Styling Meraki a high hold product?
        Cavalier Clay gives a heavier hold for people with medium, thick, coarse or wavy hair (like Joe). It also has a higher hold than Original Styling Meraki. Grittier and with much more texture.

      4. Can the clay be used as a pre-styler?
        Generally no. Clays can be a little heavy and many people prefer lighter product for that. That said it all comes down to your own personal preference.

      5. What does it smell like?
        Coconut nectar with some sweet floral notes.

      6. How is it different from other clays?
        Cavalier Clay is a traditional clay, that is on the heavier side. It also contains organic oils and natural proteins to nourish your hair and prevent dryness.

      7. Will the clay wash off as easy as Original Styling Meraki?
        It may not wash out as easily as BluMaan’s Original Styling Meraki. But compared to other clays, Cavalier washes out pretty easily, you’ll remove most of it with just water and shampooing takes care of the rest.

      Customer Reviews

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      Jason Cheng
      Hair Type 髮質: Thick 粗髮, Medium-long 中長髮 (瀏海在眉至鼻之間)
      Shine 光澤: Matte 啞光
      Hardness 用後頭髮硬度: Natural 正常韌度
      Hold Power 定力: Super High Hold 超高定力
      Scent 香味: Good 喜歡
      Blumaan Cavalier Clay

      This product is really good as it really contains my hair with its excellent hold quality. I could rebuild my hair from time to time easily throughout the day. The only slight downside would be it is a little bit hard to wash the product away. But it is a really excellent product overall.